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WELCOME TO ARCM Snow Removal Inc. 

ARCM Highlands Ranch Snow Removal would like to offer you with a dependable, professional, quality service at an affordable price. 

Colorado Snow Plowing Services
Your premier Highlands Ranch, Colorado snow removal company is ARCM Highlands Ranch Snow Removal & Plowing  With years of experience in commercial and residential snow removal & plowing and making walkways and driveways safe for our customers, we are pleased to continue serving the greater Denver Metro area. Our Highlands Ranch, CO snow removal services are top-notch and we do what it takes to make the areas around your home and business safe. From plowing the parking lots and driveways to shoveling sidewalks and spreading snow-melting salt on those areas, ARCM Highlands Ranch Snow Removal & Plowing is dedicated to customer safety and satisfaction. If we don't do the job to your satisfaction, simply call us and we will come back to your home or business and make things right. We have a list of references and full staff of snow removal professionals so you can hire us for your Highlands Ranch, CO snow removal needs with complete confidence. Simply contact www.arcmpropertyservice.info for more information and to get your home or business on our regular schedule.

Colorado Snow Removal
Have you been searching for a Highlands Ranch, Colorado snow removal company to take care of your snow and ice removal needs this season? If so, look no further than ARCM Highlands Ranch Snow Removal. With our team of qualified Highlands Ranch snow removal & Plowing professionals and our reputation in the Denver Metro area, you can expect to have your snow cleared in a timely manner when there is a significant snowfall. Our crews monitor the weather with quality equipment so they can be ready to start plowing and shoveling as soon as the snow begins to build up. And if you have lived in Denver for any length of time, you know how fast that can happen! Don't go another winter with a sore back and sore arm muscles from shoveling the heavy wet snow off your sidewalk and driveway. ARCMpropertyservices.info, your premier Highlands Ranch, CO snow removal specialists and just sit back and relax in your warm home while we do all the work.
ARCM Team "Just Let Us Handle Handle It!                                                                                                                                   BLOG  2016

Highlands Ranch Snow Removal & Plowing
Metro District staff plows snow along 150 miles of trails and sidewalks adjacent to major roads in the community. Douglas County is responsible for plowing snow along our streets.

Snow Removal Priorities
Fire stations
Essential Metro District buildings
Sidewalks and hard surface trails
Parking lots at community and neighborhood parks
Homeowner Responsibilities
Snow removal is required within 24 hours after the snow has fallen.
Remove snow from sidewalks bordering your home.
Remove snow around mail boxes and fire hydrants if present.
Service Guidelines
1. Snow depth – Metro District staff will begin plowing when three inches of snow has accumulated. If there is less than three inches or site conditions are unsafe, the snow crew coordinator will determine the need to remove snow based on weather forecasts and site conditions.
2. Follow-up – Follow-up will occur on consecutive days after a snowfall to ensure safe passage. Ice melt or sand will be applied as needed.

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Lone Tree Snow Removal & Plowing 

Plowing and De-icing Procedures
General Plowing and De-Icing Procedures for Roadways
Snow removal shall commence upon accumulation of 3-4 inches.
Snow forecasts are monitored to determine the anticipated extent of storm and expected temperatures.
Snow removal personnel are notified of anticipated shift times.
Anti-icing product is applied to arterial roadways when temperatures are appropriate to minimize bonding of snow to pavement.
Snow removal equipment and personnel are deployed when snow starts falling.
Lone Tree’s prioritization criteria are used on snow routes (see below and map)
Primary: Major roadways that provide for high traffic volumes over medium to long distances.
Secondary: Collectors that distribute traffic between major and local roads, serve as main connectors within subdivisions, and link one subdivision with another. Collectors generally do not provide direct access to private property.
Tertiary: Local roads and cul-de-sacs that provide for low to medium traffic volumes within subdivisions and provide direct access to residences or private property.
Abrasive materials are applied to roadways when required to provide traction. Curves, hills and intersections normally receive a salt/sand mixture, “Ice Slicer” de-icing product to address icy conditions.
If emergency access is needed anywhere in the City, the Police Department will notify the snow removal personnel and the snow removal equipment will be deployed to assist as necessary.
Roadways are widened to completely remove snow from driving surfaces. Several passes are sometimes necessary to completely remove snow.
Widening, ice removal and cleanup operations may take place several days after a snow storm.

Other Snow Management Policies 

Fire Hydrants 
Snow removal personnel try to not pile excessive amounts of snow and ice on hydrants. Personnel will provide clearing of specific hydrants in the event of an emergency.
Fire hydrants within public right-of-way will be cleared after the roadways have been cleared and resources/personnel become available, or as needed by emergency personnel.

Storm Drains 
Storm Drain Inlets within public right-of-way will be cleared after the roadways have been cleared and resources/personnel become available, or as ponding becomes a problem.

Generally, sidewalks along public roadways are to be cleared of snow and ice by the owner of the adjacent property.
The City will only clear sidewalks that are not in front of a residence or commercial building. See Sidewalk Snow Removal Map.
Sidewalk clearing by the City will only occur after the roadways have been cleared and widened, and resources/personnel become available

City of Centennial Snow Removal & Plowing
The City would like to acknowledge the contributions of those entities involved in the creation of the first
Snow and Ice Control Plan in 2007.
Centennial City Council
Arapahoe County Council for Organized Responsible Development (ACCORD)
Arapahoe County
Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office
Bristol Cove Homeowners’ Association
Bus Stop Advertising, LLC
Centennial Council of Neighborhoods (CenCON)
Cherry Creek School District
City of Centennial Staff
Community Mobility Services
Cunningham Fire District
Independent District Engineering Services, LLC (IDES)
Littleton Public School District
Outdoor Promotions
Parker Fire District
Regional Transportation District (RTD)
South Metro Fire District
South Suburban Parks and Recreation
The Aurora Chamber of Commerce

1. Deicing Solids
During normal ice control operations, a solid deicing material is spread on the street
pavement to melt ice and packed snow. The numerous and changing deicing solids that
are commercially available will be evaluated prior to each winter season by the public
works department and purchased based on performance and cost.
Typical deicing solids used by Colorado front-range cities include:
 Rock salt - 100% sodium chloride (NaCl), mined natural white salt supplied to the
Colorado region by railroad cars from Kansas. Application temperature to 20
degrees F.
 Ice Slicer® - mined natural salt from Redmond, Utah. It is reddish in color, 93.5%
sodium chloride and 6.5% minerals. It is 50% more expensive and 6.5% less
corrosive than white rock salt.
 Rapid Thaw® - mined natural salt similar to Ice Slicer®. It is reddish in color, 90%
sodium chloride and 10% minerals. It is 75% more expensive and 10% less
corrosive than white rock salt. 
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 Caliber M-1000® - a blend of 30% magnesium chloride solution and 70% corn byproduct.
Twice as expensive but 78% less
corrosive than white rock salt.
 ClearLane® - rock salt (98%) enhanced
with a mixture of liquid magnesium chloride,
a PNS approved corrosion inhibitor and a
coloring agent (2%). Lower melting
temperature and may provide less scatter
when spread on pavement. It is 25% more
expensive and 67% less corrosive than
white rock salt.
 Anti-skid material - Salt/Aggregate Mixture –
aggregate material typically mixed with 7%
to 25% white rock salt. This material may
be effective in certain temperature or street
2. Anti-icing Liquids
Prior to snow plowing operations, a liquid material may be sprayed on the street and
bridge pavement to prevent bonding of packed snow and ice to the pavement. The
numerous and changing anti-icing liquids that are commercially available will be
evaluated prior to each winter season by the public works department and purchased
based on performance and cost.
Typical anti-icing liquids used by Colorado front-range cities include:
 Magnesium Chloride (MgCl) – CDOT analysis shows low corrosiveness and low
environmental degradation. Refreeze temperature of 4 degrees F.
 FreezGard® - magnesium chloride hexahydrate product with decreased refreeze
temperature. 30% more expensive than MgCl.
 Apex® - magnesium chloride based product with enhanced melting and
temperature capability. 40% more expensive than MgCl and refreeze temperature
of -8 degrees F.
 Ice Ban® - magnesium chloride based product with enhanced corn based inhibitor
for decreased refreeze temperature similar to Apex®. 50% more expensive than
The Service Provider’s standard snow removal equipment includes plow trucks and frontend
loaders. This equipment is continually maintained for efficient and effective service.
Road graders, pick-up truck plows and additional loaders for supplemental plowing will be
provided though the Service Provider’s company resources, rental contracts or
Plowing operations are performed by plow trucks, which consist of tandem axle or single
axle dump trucks equipped with a plow and an anti-icing or deicing material spreader. The
liquid and granular material spreaders are equipped with computerized spreader controllers. 
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All snow removal equipment shall be tracked in real time (5-second ping) using Automatic
Vehicle Location/Global Positioning System.
When the storm is over, the Service Provider shall prepare a written summary of the snow
and ice control operation that will contain:
 Work Order number,
 Starting and ending time of operations,
 Number of miles plowed,
 Amount of material used,
 Number of CDL hours used,
 Brief analysis and discussion of problems encountered and recommendations, and
 Estimated snow depth
When supplemental plowing is directed, the Service Provider shall also include the following
information in the written storm summary:
 Identification of each piece of equipment and each operator,
 Start and end time for each piece of equipment and each operator, and
 For Priority 3 snow removal, the cost of each piece of equipment and each operator.
The post-storm summary shall be submitted to the Public Works Director within 5 work days
for information and review.
The Service Provider, with direction given by the City Manager or designee, will identify
locations used for dumping snow, if sites are available. Dumping at or hauling to these sites
from private property without authorization is prohibited.
Towing stalled or abandoned vehicles may be necessary so that the snow and ice control
operations can be effective.
The Sheriff will authorize towing of stalled or abandoned vehicles for safe traffic flow. The
Sheriff’s Office may dispatch a commercial towing company to provide the required
assistance. The Sheriff’s Office maintains a list of commercial towing companies who have
contracts with the County to provide this service.
If a vehicle has been towed, the owner should contact the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office
Dispatcher at 303-795-4711 to determine the location of the vehicle.
During certain winter storm events it may become necessary to close streets or portions of
streets to traffic. The Arapahoe County Sheriff may restrict the type of vehicles that may be
operated on City streets during severe weather conditions and may order that certain
streets be closed. Every effort will be made to alert the public of any restrictions and/or
closures through the news media, community contacts, and posted on the City’s website,
www.centennialco.gov. This action will only be taken if the streets are considered unsafe
for travel.

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